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Havana Cigar House Co.

There are in the world just a few things that are known without question to be the best of their kind. A Habano is one of them.

Ok, so why Havana Cigar House Co.?

Well, lots of reasons, but most importantly because..

With Love

We love what we do. The creation of the cigar is something handmade and handcrafted like everything takes processes and standards.


We demand: deliver the best quality habano.

Different brands

We have an extensive collection.

Free shipping

US $500, onwards.

The Habano you pick, the way you cut it, light it, smoke it and above all the tastes that you enjoy are your choices and yours alone. However, there are some practical points to bear in mind.

Anatomy of a Habano

It takes up to six types of tobacco leaf to make a Habano, each type specially grown and prepared for its purpose.

Applying the bands

Cigar bands were introduced in the 1860’s by Don Gustavo Bock, a European who had arrived in Havana to make his fortune in cigars.

The perfect leaf for each purpose.

Every leaf in a Habano is native Cuban Black Tobacco directly descended from the plants that Columbus first discovered here more than five hundred years ago. Two distinct forms of cultivation produce the different types of leaf required. Wrapper leaves are grown in tapado fields covered from end to end by muslin cloth. Filler and binder leaves are grown in the open, enjoying the full benefit of the Cuban sun. In each case the leaves have different characteristics at different levels of the plant, and each leaf is classified accordingly. Each leaf has its own destiny.

Do you have time? See this video.

What they say about us

"Absolutely Love Havana Cigar House!!! Excellent quality and friendly sataff!!! We visit Puerto Vallarta every year for the past ten years and we always find the Best cigars with the right prices at Havana House Cigars!! Ana is outstanding!!! Can't wait to return next year!!!" #WeTalkRadio

Nakia Wetalkradio Davis

"We enjoyed our visits here! We walked by our first night in P.V. and loved the atmoustphere and friendly service. Can't wait to go back and visit our new friends!"

Kathy Garcia-Vigil

Tony Sinclair

"Best and most reasonably priced Habana cigars in PV. The staff is very knowledgeable and always has the customers interest in mind..."